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Starting Yalu was a means to pull myself out of hard times and instead this lil' business showed me how to grow and love in so many ways. I already spent many years as a Naturopath working in and out of clinics, health food stores, pharmacies and aromatherapy companies, so I had a back story in natural health and a deep urge to work with nature hands on. I love to cook and sometimes I think perfume making and cooking are akin to each other. Artfully melding flavours and aromas to achieve a joyful outcome. It's all very witchy and I love it to my core. The days I get to sit at my perfume organ and play are absolutely heavenly.

Depending on the time frame a scent can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to develop. So it's no wonder it's such a rare and special thing. I'm only 5 years into the process of working with natural botanicals and I can happily say I have found where I belong. 

Now that my singing days are long behind me and I'm all grown up ( kind of) I have my very own space to create my own scent and share it with you. Absolutely nothing else brings me greater happiness ( except pizza) than to see you love and wear my perfumes. Lots of love, Rhiannon 

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