Oversized Hoodie - Summer Peach

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Branded oversized hoodie with rubber MEGAPOLIS logo print on chest and sleeve.


SIZE: Oversized, one size fit from S to XL



• Dry cleaning recommended
• Hand or machine wash up to 30°C
• Turn inside out before washing
• Spin up to 600rpm
• Iron or steam inside out at medium temperatures with a lot of steam
• Do not let the Logo get into contact with hot surfaces: if you accidentally iron the logo it will melt and the whole product will be damaged
• Dry unfolded, avoid direct sunlight
• We do not recommend using powder cleaners


  • When you put our garment on over a T-shirt (or over something else), lint can stick to the other garment due to the friction of these two fibres
  • Natural cotton needs washing in order for it to thicken; static will build up on your garment if you don’t wash it
  • Static will build up less after each wash and will eventually stop building up.Do not worry, this is common for footer garments and this will not affect the quality of the fabric.
  • We highly recommend brushing the lint with a clothes brush to keep it clean and neat and use an anti-static spray to reduce the static buildup.
  • Hot water and a lot of rpm can ruin footer 3-thread garments. This is why we strongly recommend using dry cleaning and that you stick to our washing guide.



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