Cosmic Jardin

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SMELLS LIKE: Ylang-ylang/ Violet leaf/ Cardamon / Rose/ Bergamot/ Opoponax and more...
FEELS LIKE: Firstly, I just want to warn you all how addictive this scent is. It's so different and you won't be able to get enough of it. It's basically opioid perfume. Every single person I've shown this to has had full body spasms.
Containing concentrated Ylang-Ylang which enhances feelings of euphoria. Used widely for its ability to ease anxiety, stress, and depression.
This beautiful natural fragrance feels like halcyon days of Summers in the sun, music festivals and free love, freedom. So liberate yourself this Summer and cover your pulse points in a Cosmic Jardin! That's French for garden. Fancy we know ha ha.
What's in this luscious natural perfume?

Each Yalu perfume contains 100% natural high class perfumery ingredients, no synthetics, cruelty free and vegan friendly.  

How to use: roll a little onto pulse points, wrist, neck, chest, belly, back of knees, wherever you please. 

How long will it last? It could take you a year to get through it. That's the great thing about rollerball oil perfumes, they last ages!. The actual scent will last 5-7 hours on skin depending. A tip to help natural scent stick to skin is to apply an unscented moisturiser before application. 

Each natural parfum oil comes with its on eco friendly scent story card as well. 


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