La Sonata - Natural Eau De Parfum

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Swept-up hair, silk scarfs, and sunglasses. Prosecco flutes, perched high above the sea on a jasmine-draped Positano terrace. A bowl of ripe, Vesuvian apricots.

 Music fills the air: hypnotic notes, pulling heartstrings, anchoring your senses in a state of bliss. Just like a sonata should.

Composed for those heady Summer nights and magic Autumn days. 

Heavenly notes: Osmanthus, tea, jasmine sambac, frankincense, apricots, honey, citrus, Italian neroli. 

Natural ingredients: Sugarcane alcohol, precious absolutes, essential oils and our own organic botanic potions. 

For best results: Spray directly on to skin at close range. 

Handmade by Rhiannon Mapstone, Melbourne, Australia. 

30ml/0.1 fl oz  

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