Lovely Shake Leather Statement Earrings

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Get lost in a shimmer of blue with Lovely Shake leather statement earrings in glimmering shades of blues, greens, and iridescent painted leather.

Absolutely outrageous and full of movement and life, these earrings will bring many moments of magic and joy to your world.

At a stunning length of 15cm, they softly dust your shoulders.

Made from ethically sourced, hand painted and metallic leathers and blue niobium earring hooks.

Beautifully handcrafted and unique, these earrings are so light and comfortable they will feel like an extension of you.

Much of the leather used in the creation of Xanadu Designs earrings is salvaged from leather goods manufacturers, repurposing these precious scraps into a brilliant future for your earlobes. 

The coloured hooks are anodised Niobium, a hypoallergenic metal that is one of the safest metals to use in ears for people who are sensitive to nickel. 

Made to order, each pair of earrings will be slightly different due to the nature of the painted leather patterns.

Every effort has been taken to give a true representation of the colours, textures and size. Please be aware that some devices may display colours with slight variation. 

Designed and made with love in Sydney

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