Magnesium Oil Spray - Aloe Vera

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We created our Aloe Magnesium Oil Spray with sensitive types in mind. A highly concentrated Magnesium Oil spray, combined with the gentle and extremely healing inner leaf Aloe gel extract* - grown without chemicals or pesticides.

It is pure, safe, and effective for even the most sensitive skin. The Aloe vera makes our Magnesium Oil spray extra soothing, less itchy and absorbs quickly and safely into your skin.

FOR MIGRAINES & HEADACHES: Rub the oil on your forehead, temples and back of your head.

  • For pain-relief or cramping use directly to the area.

  • For stress-relief use on the base of your neck or temples

  • For a great nights sleep, use on tops of feet before bed.

Ingredients: Magnesium Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel (not powder).

* With food grade preservatives which are essential to stabilise the healing activity levels.


All CAIM & ABLE products are made by hand and with love, in Sydney, Australia

P.S. We care, we care a lot, in fact, it's really our 'thing' - we donate 25% of our profits to women's D.V organisations; helping them provide safety to the women and kids fleeing domestic violence in Australia. 

So when you purchase Caim & Able products you’re not only buying luxurious ocean inspired treats your body will thank you for, you’re lending a hand to a great cause.

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