Prep Dress - Black

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Our Original, signature and absolute fav Classic Black PrepDress.

This was the first ever PrepDress and it's always been a top seller.  Pair with our Classic Black Beauty Band Bundle and you have the perfect girl gift for someone you love or yourself!

Great for after applying fake tan! (Every prep dress is actually as fake tan washes out in all Prep Dresses!) 

Made from our original premium cotton this PrepDress will keep you covered for years and washes so well - gets softer each time.  

BUY NOW - you can't go wrong with this one! xx

Sizing & Care


PrepDress is available in Small, Medium and Large.  

Small - size 8-10
Medium - Up to size 14
Large - 16 and above

Sizing Sch’mizing

Maybe you're a size 8 jean but have a bigger bust size so basically we suggest you buy the size PrepDress that you would if buying a t-shirt. Whatever fits your top the PrepDress will be right for you.

If you are a salon or business we would suggest to buy a mix of sizes Medium and Large for professional use.


Hand wash your PrepDress in cold water or on delicate cycle with cold water. For the first wash, please wash PrepDress by itself, and from then with colours only.

The velcro strap must be closed when washing.

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