Selenite Crystal Candle


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Infused with the energy of crystals to bring energies and aroma to any space. 

Our divine candles will bring a warm ambience to any space. Each scent is specifically chosen to suit the crystal. 

Feel the power of positive energy with every burn.

65 hr burn time. 



By far this is a must-have for everyone. Selenite is truly powerful. It is just pure peace and tranquillity and also known as the stone of truth and honesty.

The perfect crystal for problem-solving, the use of Selenite brings insight into the very nature of things and allows your intuition to spring forward. A very healing stone, like moonlight, it works softly as it slowly clears a pathway to self-revelation.


Dusk amber

A warm scent of amber mixed with leather, musk, patchouli and vanilla is combined with rose and nutmeg and a top note of pepper. 

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