Tipsy Gypsy


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SMELLS LIKE: SMOKE AND FLOWERS / Leather /Tobacco/ Rose demask/ Jasmine Grandiflora/ Geranium/ Cypress/ Bergamot/ Champaka/ Patchouli + more....

FEELS LIKE: Created after a night wandering the hills of Sacramonte, Granada on a Summer solstice full moon. The event is called La Note De San Juan. We could hear a party happening in the distance, so we followed the rhythm, closer and closer. We eventually reached the top to find ancient gitano gardens, stunning views of the Alhambra palace, a huge bon fire roaring and hundreds of people leaping the blazing fire!

It's a tradition were locals leap the fire and leave behind all that has weighted them down. Then once you have leaped the fire everyone gets hosed down with water to wash away the bad juju! As you exit there is a bowl of water with floating rose, rose geranium and jasmine petals that you use to wash your hands and splash over your head. It was absolute magic and a night that will be etched in our hearts forever. This is our way to share that with you. 

If you'd like to listen to some flamenco while wearing Tipsy Gypsy to get you in the mood, here is a track from Gerry's album 'Vuelta Al Mundo

What's in this luscious blend? Each Yalu perfume contains 100% natural high class perfumery ingredients, no synthetics, cruelty free and vegan friendly.  

How to use: roll a little onto pulse points, wrist, neck, chest, belly, back of knees, wherever you please. 

How long will it last? It could take you a year to get through it. That's the great thing about rollerball oil perfumes, they last ages!. The actual scent will last 5-7 hours on skin depending. A tip to help natural scent stick to skin is to apply an unscented moisturiser before application. 


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