Votive Candle - Woodland

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WOODLAND boxed votive candle.

Introducing ‘PAINTERLY’ range of candles, made with premium essential oil blends,

and painted imagery, this candle is the companion to our popular WOODLAND roll on perfume. Pairs with the WOODLAND matchbox, available in travel tin size.

WOODLAND-the mysterious place where twigs, bark and leaves mingle.

A moody blend of patchouli, lavender and vetiver essential oils.

The woodsy notes of this blend seem to speak to people universally;

a primal sense of connection to trees and earthiness.

Boxed votive candle

vegan, cruelty free
100% cotton, lead free wick
340g weight
85mm high
70mm diameter
100% sustainable soy wax

Unique, essential oil blended perfume
40hr burn 


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