2nd Skin

2NDSKIN, offers a uniquely fresh approach to luxe leather fashion. Founded in 2011 as a ‘cottage industry concept’, our home of production has indeed developed to meet our growing demands, whereby our team remains a family unit.

Each piece is ethically designed in our Sydney or Bali studios, with our brand philosophy representing a unique balance between modern design and timeless classic must-have pieces.

2NDSKIN envelops effortless style, elegance, contemporary silhouettes, unique detail and understated luxury with each piece being hand tailored in the traditional way by master craftsman.

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A Beautiful Weirdo

A Beautiful Weirdo™ are imaginative, eccentric and super bold eco glitter greeting cards which are sustainable. biodegradable and fun! Founded by London-born, Byron Bay-based art director, photographer, stylist and lover of the unusual Charlotte Coker. Each card comes with a sachet of A Beautiful Weirdo™ eco glitter to sprinkle into the card after writing!

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Apéro is an Australian brand synonymous with the young; the stylish; the free spirited. By mixing androgynous and feminine shapes with embroidery and embellishments, our t-shirts inspire a relaxed day to night look. The Apéro style is designed with a purpose: to be fun, youthful, and use mantras that enforce love and empower women.

Apéro believes in giving back to the world and specifically women, which is why they donate 5% of all of their sales to Women’s Community Shelters; an Australian based charity that provides refuge and practical help for women who are homeless.

Women’s Community Shelters works with communities to establish new shelters, which provide short term emergency accommodation and help in a safe environment. They also provide support services, such as counselling, health care, legal assistance and education, to help women rebuild self-esteem and build a new life for themselves.

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The Beysis story begins in 2016, when three Sydney based friends formed a vision to create quality, cruelty free beauty and lifestyle products with a difference. ... Unique and deeply personal, Beysis products make the best personalised gifts for the people you love. 

Beysis is a premium, salon quality nail polish which is accredited as “breathable” and 10-free. Without compromising on quality, we have created a polish that is fast drying and achieves perfect coverage in just 2 coats, making it ideal for the busy salon and woman.

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BIANKO is an Australian Fine Jewellery brand based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our inspiration comes from you; beautiful, smart, hard-working, real women. It is our mission to create jewellery with your lifestyle in mind, as we believe luxury should be fun, affordable and not only kept for special occasions. We pride ourselves on being able to give every woman her daily dose of luxury, without asking her to choose between high quality and accessible prices. We offer both. 

Each piece of BIANKO jewellery is created using Sterling silver, gold, natural pearls and ethically-sourced gemstones, ensuring the highest quality and beautiful craftsmanship. 

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Bling Bar

Bling Bar caters to vibrant, fashion-forward women who are looking for on-trend, quality jewellery that won't break the bank!

Experimenting with the use of different forms, materials & textures, each Bling Bar piece is designed in house at our Melbourne studio. The Bling Bar design team are influenced not only by current fashion trends, but inspired by art, culture and travel.

Bling Bar’s signature look mixes bold, modern, on-trend designs with a feminine edge that can switch from day to night with ease.

We want you to love wearing your “Bling” just as much as we’ve loved making it for you!

Team B.B. xx

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Bon Lux

Bon Lux is a small perfume atelier and creative business hand-making a range of artful scented and illustrated goods from a studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Bon Lux began in 2014, by Chantel Camilleri who drew on her background in fashion design, textiles and fine art; and her endless love of flowers. Chantel began Bon Lux as a self-taught perfumer, and uses her knowledge gained in formal study of natural perfumery to create unique, layered scents which evoke memories, and enhance moods.

Bon Lux products combine Chantel’s own painting, textile design and storytelling into a range of unique, individually hand-made, products for gifting, for home, to wear, and for self-care. Made with ingredients sourced locally, including home-grown and always with love. 

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Bëuy (pronounced beuy) is the label of award winning Melbourne-based jewellery designer Taë Schmeisser. From a family of artists (printmaker father and textile designer mother), Taë launched bëuy (beuy) alongside her eponymous gold + silver gallery artwork. Bëuy's objective is to bring to light the misunderstood strength of glass and its applications in contemporary jewellery, and to provide a modern, accessible and affordable platform for it.

Bëuy jewellery (beuy jewellery) offers innovative seasonal collections that embrace technological advancements (airbrushing) to produce fresh concepts and unique pieces. All works are designed and crafted in Melbourne, Australia.

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Caim & Able

We like to think we're a bit different from the crowd, we make everything by hand and with a lot of care and a lot of research.

All our products are enriched with magnesium-rich salts, plant-based oils, Australian clays and native botanicals. We handcraft everything in small batches to create skincare products which are completely devoid of nasty chemicals and of course, 100% vegan - good for our furry friends, the planet and amazing for the body. The reason our Bath Salts are all based in Magnesium Chloride from the Dead Sea is simple - it works faster than anything we've researched to bring about a relief from pain. It is a unique body of water a concentration of 40 times more Magnesium Chloride than any other body of water in the world. 

Our Founder & CEO has drawn from over 25 years of experience in botanical medicine and holistic studies, to bring you safe, effective and oh so sublime products for you and your family.  

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Concrete Jellyfish

Concrete Jellyfish is an Australian sister-duo, resin, jewellery design studio.

Our aim is to bring vibrancy to everyday life and help people connect with their inner confidence and eccentricity through simple eye catching wearable art designs full of colour, fun and excitement. We take inspiration from Australian flora and fauna and all its forms, shapes and colours.

Our method is a labour of love and requires us to individually pour, colour, perfect and cure each resin piece in one of our custom made-in-house moulds. To achieve the unique colour effects we use a variety of materials and techniques with the highest quality resin. Our products are made to last, be treasured and hand down to the next generation.

Concrete Jellyfish recently featured in Romance was Born and Bianca Spender’s Melbourne Fashion Week runways!

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Damara - a former graphic designer (and wonderful artist too!) designs and creates her distinctive laser cut jewellery in her home studio on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She is heavily influenced by the surrounding nature around her and her creativity is endless!

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Elly Oak

Elly Oak is a greeting card business founded in Melbourne by Kate Richmond.
Kate completed a Fine Arts Honours degree at Melbourne University and an Interior Design degree, before working for an online art gallery, and then in a variety of corporate and buying roles. She decided to leave the office environment to pursue her long-time desire to design and make things, and follow her creative ambitions. All cards are original designs. The collection offers both hand screen printed cards (making each one a unique little piece of art) and a range of printed cards and tags. Elly Oak hopes to provide people with beautiful, simple designs that are fresh and unique. The brand represents a love of colour, uncluttered design and handcrafted art.

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F + H

When perusing the adornments of your favourite style influencers, you might have noticed a recurring trend of late – there’s one Australian jewellery brand that they can’t get enough of. Seen on the likes of Margot Robbie, Isabelle Lucas, Stefani ‘Bambi’ Northwood-Blythe, Marloe Shorst, Carmen Hamilton and Margaret Zhang, F + H Jewellery is fast-becoming the style sets go-to.

Launched in 2014 by ex PR Manager, Sharona Harris, the award-winning F + H Jewellery is both tough and easy-wear at the same time. Equally impactful when dressing up a simple tee and jeans or accessorising a little black dress, F + H Jewellery is effortless in its ability to make a statement.

“The F + H girl is unfazed by trends. She wears what she likes and knows what works for her,” says Harris. “She has an innate sense of style and natural confidence. She is unafraid to make a statement.”

 With a combination of hammered and smooth textures, fine metal beading, high-quality craftsmanship and bold designs it’s easy to see why fashion influencers love it so much.

Sharona’s collections are created with nostalgic references from the disco era of the 70s, the excess of the 80s and through to grunge supermodels of the 90s, but presented in a modern and original F+H style. The iconic cross jewellery collection, the Venus femme symbols, dark gemstones and chain details are the signatures that F+H Jewellery have become renowned for.

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Friends with Frank

Friends with Frank, a local Melbourne label make premium jackets and vests, hand-knitted from carefully sourced rabbit and racoon fur.

Frustrated by the exorbitant price tags of similar products back in 2012, over several years owner Jules Curtain gained an intimate knowledge of the global fur market, both in terms of sourcing and manufacturing.

Fast forward to 2017, and the now renowned label's pieces are a combination of stunning designs and the highest quality fur, all hand-woven by skillful technicians.

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Galina Dixon

Galina Dixon is a person and a brand. Galina means “calm” and is a Russian female first name, pronounced guh-lee-na. Dixon is a common Australian surname of Scottish origin. Galina Dixon (born in Russia, now calls Australia home) is the creative director and designer behind the luxury stationery brand Galina Dixon, which in essence is calm, minimal and modern.

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Hanako Therapies

Hanako Therapies - Handcrafted Crystal Infused Pure Aromatherapy

Hanako’s range of therapeutic products was created by beautiful NSW couple Rachel and Jeff to provide a healthy, natural solution to synthetic scents. Using only pure essential oils and gem and flower essences, crystal infused water and mantra our blends not only smell divine but embrace the healing properties of nature.

All products are vegan, eco friendly and never tested on animals. All packaging is recycled and company practices are all sustainable. Rachel and Jeff also donate a portion of their profits to the Bears of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support charity.

‘A Sanctuary For The Mind, Body & Spirit’

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Established in Melbourne in 2008 by its founding family, the Caldwell’s built ICHU into the brand it is today! With the creative addition of daughter Geneva McArdle, who joined the company in 2010, Ichu is renowned for its quality sterling silver, on-trend designs and personalised elements.

The name Ichu itself refers directly to versatility and creativity, qualities that the brand reflects wholeheartedly in the fine detailing of their design. Ichu is designed in Melbourne and delicately hand-crafted using only precious metals in Mexico.

“ICHU is a designer jewellery label dedicated to understated luxury, modern beauty and effortlessly cool designs”

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Everyday charm jewellery designed in Melbourne by Ruby and Sky's owner Catherine! Using a mixture of 925 Sterling Silver, Gold Fill, Solid Bronze and Rose Gold Filled metals mean your pieces are created to last.

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Local Melbourne designer Jodee travelled the world before returning to Melbourne to design her own jewellery range. Each piece has been heavily researched and is inspired by historical symbolism, cultural rituals and ideals, gemstones and mysticism.

With an obsession for raw and high quality stones, each stone is hand picked and is uniquely wild, like each and every one of us. Kyoti strives to bring you high quality jewellery that will last you a life time and be handed down like a piece of treasure.

"Born to Howl"

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Lauren Hinkley

Lauren Hinkley Australia came from humble beginnings. Lauren started as a graphic designer and began designing and selling stationery in her parent’s homeware store. All Lauren Hinkley pieces are designed by Lauren and her team in Melbourne and are made by a magnificent team in Melbourne. We seek to inspire kids in their daily adventures and to create products that ignite young imaginations for all occasions. With an emphasis on Australian made, quality products all our stationery and the majority of our jewellery is created here in Australia. Our range includes children's jewellery & simple yet elegant stationery, all at an accessible price point for parents who know a mermaid fascination can swiftly become a unicorn obsession.

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Louna Rae

Louna Rae is a range of beautiful statement earrings by Nanette Lauw.  Nanette has more than 20 years of experience in bridal and fashion makeup and has turned this creativity into lovingly designed acrylic jewellery all handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

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Our mission is to give every woman the opportunity to cultivate her natural beauty without compromising her health and wellbeing with outdated chemically formulated cosmetics and time consuming beauty practices. Our philosophy is to highlight not hide your natural beauty. Our look is about a healthy naked glow – beautiful subtle illumination that takes you from home to on-the-go.

Not only do our products provide your body with a daily dose of essential skin food nutrients - you can feel good knowing you are supporting your body’s natural processes without the use of hazardous ingredients.

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 An innate curiosity of the underwater world paired with an appreciation for iridescence and all things shiny form the creative core of MAUDE Studio.

Our pursuit to materialise magical forms of shimmering accessories drives our design approach, pushing our constant state of inspiration into crystalised, playful creations.

Instilling brilliance into every design, we hand embellish each piece at our studio in Melbourne, Australia. We celebrate the beauty of the extraordinary, for the wearer who is unafraid of the uncommon.

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Mazdevallia is the work of artist and jewellery maker Maylin Evanochko. Originally a painter of large scale abstract works, in 2017 she began making jewellery in her Melbourne-based studio from individually handcrafted components, considering each pair of earrings like miniature works of art. 

Her particular brand of celebratory quirk is a perfect blend of fun, cheek and fashion, showcasing what's possible with slow-made techniques whilst embracing the beauty of imperfection.

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Ministry of Style
A Sydney, Australia based contemporary label that marries relaxed effortlessness with a distinct sense of downtown cool.
Ministry of Style embraces a bohemian aesthetic, breezy attitude and independent spirit. Made from expertly-sourced fabrics, Ministry of Style pieces are characterised by modern-feminine silhouettes, throw-on ease and impeccable fit. They’re the playful, wear-anywhere pieces you consistently reach for—the ones you slip on when you wander through the organic markets at Bondi Beach or for a Saturday brunch with girlfriends at the local café.

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Mountain and Moon

Australian brand Mountain and Moon strives to create in an ethical manner which in turn allows the buyer to truly cherish each piece knowing it has been crafted with love in a safe and fair environment. Working with artisans and small women’s groups across India, Mountain and Moon aims to help in any small way to give back to the communities of marginalised India.

Mountain and Moon also aims to counteract the effects of fast fashion and mass production by providing a destination to shop mindfully and with a good conscience.

The Mountain and Moon Girl takes on many forms. From the sharp tongued rebel to the soft spoken sweetheart. She exudes a famine charm…with a unique expression that is all her own. #MMGIRLS

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Naked Vice

A Melbourne label that was founded on the friendship of two women, together their concept was to create a balance between timeless and affordable leather accessories for the modern day woman. Drawing inspiration from their personal wardrobes, Sarah Hanan and Jessie Herbert seek to create enduring pieces for their peers that derive from their strong understanding of the empowering women of today.

With an undisguised aesthetic and longevity in mind, the pairs mission is to create your vice that you can’t live without. Our pieces will accompany you on all of your adventures for years to come. Along the way we will share our tips and tricks and hope this inspires you to try them yourself. As trends come and go, Nakedvice will not.

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Peppermint Grove

“Inspired by the opulence of grand old estates, stunning private gardens & heirloom antiques, Peppermint Grove Australia brings luxury and timeless sophistication to modern day contemporary living.”

Based in the exquisite Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Peppermint Grove Australia captures the remarkable beauty and exquisite charm of Australian living. Each fragrance has been carefully created to encapsulate a unique part of the Australian landscape; its beauty and the memories and experiences they invoke.

Our luxurious collection of candles, diffusers and bath & body products are hand poured in a highly polished custom-designed vessel that is unique to our brand, our story and our industry. We strive to offer only the highest quality products, sourced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, to produce a collection that is sophisticated, timeless and of the utmost quality and care.


Designer Juliet Carr established her jewellery label Pirdy in 2006.

Individually casting and finishing all of her resin designs by hand in her Melbourne studio, Carr’s limited collections and production work share a vintage aesthetic often drawing associations with pop and the 1980’s postmodernist style of Memphis.

Eco resin, stainless steel.

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Rachel Kennedy Designs

Hey, my name is Rachel. I'm a twenty-something girl living on the sunshine coast. I don't eat meat, barely own any shoes and complain about winter for half the year. I create all the products you see and my husband Jarrod takes care of the rest. Together we produce Australian made, environmentally friendly paper goods with a positive message. We're both pretty easy going and that's reflected in our products. Oh, and we also have two amazing little girls who are coming along for the ride!

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A new company winning award after award for their fresh approach to anti-ageing and healthy weight loss. Their most popular product is Collagen Shots - a high strength beauty drink containing marine collagen, acai, hyaluronic acid, minerals and vitamin C for a more youthful skin.

Catherine swears by it and says it’s a much kinder and cleaner alternative to those considering Botox!

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Sans Beast

Sans Beast was created by Cathryn Wills, after working in Australian fashion retail for nearly 30 years, with over a decade of that chapter spent living and breathing the world of leather handbags. Wills progressively recognised a disconnect between her professional role and her ethical stance on animal welfare and the environment. As Wills studied more about the fashion industry's views on animal welfare, she came to learn that it was often the case that businesses purported to uphold the Five Freedoms in the animal derived raw materials they sourced. She realised it was close to impossible to guarantee these freedoms were upheld, when it came to the mass nature of fashion retail + sourcing of materials - primarily due to the multi faceted touch points within the supply chain. 

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We Are The Others

We Are The Others is an Australian brand that combines fashion and comfort to create fun and unique prints that can be worn day to night. Our apparel is accessible whilst still maintaining a bold aesthetic with a modern edge. We Are The Others is more than just a clothing brand - it's a way of life.

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Will & Bear

Will & Bear Melbourne duo Lauren and Alex design unisex hats from their camper van whilst travelling Australia. Their stylish yet quality hats are handmade using only 100% Australian Wool by expert milliners in Inner Mongolia - a family owned business that has generations of experience in crafting high quality headwear.

Lauren and Alex ensure all their partners are REACH, fair-trade and SGS approved - global certifications for process, standards and trade. Their ongoing commitment is to build a thoughtful responsible and sustainable business. They have also partnered with to plant ten trees for every hat sold.

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Yalu Natural Perfume

Starting Yalu was a means to pull myself out of hard times and instead this lil' business showed me how to grow and love in so many ways. I already spent many years as a Naturopath working in and out of clinics, health food stores, pharmacies and aromatherapy companies, so I had a back story in natural health and a deep urge to work with nature hands on. I love to cook and sometimes I think perfume making and cooking are akin to each other. Artfully melding flavours and aromas to achieve a joyful outcome. It's all very witchy and I love it to my core. The days I get to sit at my perfume organ and play are absolutely heavenly.

Depending on the time frame a scent can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to develop. So it's no wonder it's such a rare and special thing. I'm only 5 years into the process of working with natural botanicals and I can happily say I have found where I belong. 

Now that my singing days are long behind me and I'm all grown up ( kind of) I have my very own space to create my own scent and share it with you. Absolutely nothing else brings me greater happiness ( except pizza) than to see you love and wear my perfumes. Lots of love, Rhiannon 

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