Chakra Pack


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A collection of energies to support the major energy centres within your body.

The Chakra pack includes 7 high vibin’ rok pebbles, bundled up in a HartRoks draw string pouch, packaged inside a beautiful gift box. Each rok has been carefully selected to bring you greater balance and flow through the chakra system.

Snow Quartz : Crown : Understand it
The centre for spiritual connection and downloads from the soul.

Amethyst : Third Eye : Visualise it
The centre for intuition, inner knowing and visualisations.

Sodalite : Throat : Verbalise it
The centre for communication.

Green Aventurine : Heart : Love it
The centre for giving and receiving love.

Tigers Eye : Solar Plexus : Do it
The centre for willpower, strength and courage.

Peach Aventurine : Sacral : Feel it
The centre for creativity, sexuality and reproduction.

Red Jasper : Base : I am
The centre for grounding and connection to ‘home’ and Earth.

Each rok is unique in shape, colour and size, just like us! Whilst your roks will be similar to the featured image, they will not be the exact same.

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