Neon Earring DIY Kit (7-8 pairs)


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This kit is inspired by the excitement of travel, nightlife and the dazzling colours of neon lights. The colours and materials in this kit reflect the brightness of the city at night, and the excitement of unknown adventures in new places...exploring streets, getting lost and dancing all night! This kit is colourful, elusive and fun!

This kit includes enough materials for you to design and make 7-8 dangling earrings and 1-2 pairs of coloured studs (Refer to our product pic for the earring pieces you'll get).

We will give you some examples of what the earrings designs could look like, but we also encourage you to get your creative juices flowing and come up with your own funky creations!

This kit includes:

- Laser-cut Acrylic Pieces 70+
- Earring Findings (enough for making 7-8 pairs)
- Little figurines + Beads + Sequins
- Earring cards*3
- Instructions

Essential add-on tools:

- Plier
- Hand Drill + Drill Bits*3
- Jumpring opener
- Superglue/E6000 + finger Cots

Other tools: 

If you would like to achieve a more delicate and smooth fine finish, we would suggest you use UV resin to glue the earring posts and other elements.

Most charms only have 1-2 holes on them, and if you want to connect them in your own way, we strongly advise you to have a hand drill on hand.



we will always provide you with a few extra than the quantities specified in the description. If we accidentally leave one or two small pieces out of your kit, we can only include it in your next order rather than reissue it. Please also note that some small bits may be laser-cut in a different colours and shapes.

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